Once swimming at a national level, Pascal continues to live his passion for water in outdoor sports either with kitesurfing, freediving, fly-fishing or, since he lives in Northern Canada, paddle boarding. His love of these sports also pushed him to capture the moment using his camera in the water and out. He is always searching for new ways to explore his art and his passions. Pascal will be responsible of creating visual content for the expedition.


Infinite source of motivation for the group, Antoine is a tireless and natural leader. He invests a lot of time to the development of different sports in his region: telemark, mountain biking, kiteboarding. Living in the Charlevoix region and father of 2 kids, Antoine continues to travel with his family aiming to discover new destinations, practice his favorite sports and share his passions with his 2 little girls. Antoine will be responsible of the web page for the project.


Passionate about sports and the outdoors, Lucile has been living in Nunavik for three years now. Fascinated by the region, its vast lands and culture, she works for the marketing of national parks on the territory. Convinced that the democratization of the outdoors is essential to modern society, she wants to convey an accessible image of the sports she practices. Lucile is responsible for marketing and communications for the expedition.


Health professional in the Charlevoix region, Karina has traveled half of the planet to live her passions: skiing, telemark, kitesurf, paddle surfing, each adventure is then an opportunity to discover new territories and new cultures. Responsible for first aid planning and a nutritious menu for the crew, she is a key part of the expedition’s emergency plan.


Outdoors, hunting, fly fishing, canoeing enthusiast and also former swimming athlete, Alexandre spent the summers of his childhood paddling through the network of lakes and rivers next to the family cottage, fly fishing with his twin brother. He is the father of two young children who already are in rivers, mountains and camping. In his free time and during his adventures, Alexandre wants to share the importance of his strong connection with nature and surpassing himself. Alexandre is responsible for the safety and management of the bears for the expedition.