The Kuugaaluk Expedition joins the eastern boundary of Lake Minto to Ungava Bay following the Leaf River. Kuugaaluk, the “Great River” or “Great Creek” in Inuktitut, refers to a portion of the Leaf River. With stand-up paddle boards, the expedition will follow the 300 kilometers that separate the end of Lake Minto from Ungava Bay.

Departing from Kuujjuaq, the expedition will access the River by floatplane, where the Minto Lake meets Kuugaaluk, Leaf River. For 11 days, the crew will travel 30 kilometers per day to reach the estuary where is possibly the highest tides in the world (16.8m more or less 0.02m).

Funding The project is valued at $ 5,000 per person, apart from the personal contributions of the crew, we would love to have partners to join this adventure.
Logistic The different stages of the route baking and different stages on the river, air / water transport, access, and authorizations.
Health/Safety The crew members will be autonomous for the duration of the journey and no supply will be provided. To provide for their food, a menu for 5 people, for a period of 11 days will be developed. There will be food preparation, dehydration of dishes, drinking water management and cooking food. The crew will have a physical preparation and experience suitable for white water paddle surfing. Detailed emergency plan, members’ health sheets, evacuation protocols and protection against wild animals. The safety dimension of the expedition is a well-placed priority thanks to the experience of remote survival members and emergency medical care knowledge by one of the team members.

  • Detailed emergency plan
  • Membership Health Sheets
  • Emergency evacuation protocol
  • First aid kit
Video content The expedition focuses on its physical and logistical preparation, the preparation of technical equipment, the practice of stand up paddle boarding down river and the unique character of Nunavik. Special care will be given to scripting and partnerships.